Americas Bike Trip

Starting in Banff (Canada) in August 2010, and finishing (reluctantly) in April 2012 in Punta Arenas (Chilean Patagonia); this (as much as possible) off-road bicycle journey changed us to a degree.  To a much greater degree it reinforced and magnified what we’d always known we were.

This is a chronological list of posts.  With a varying amount of assiduousness I recorded route information, particularly if I felt it was hard for me to find and the segment was worth riding.  Use this information freely – but please tell us how you found it and especially if it’s significantly wrong.





Honduras and Nicaragua

Costa Rica and Panamá






In addition to these travelogue posts, there are a number of Sarah’s posts (Random Ramblings) and Galleries.

We met a number of other cyclists and travellers during the trip.


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