USA: Steamboat Springs to Silverthorne

Well, we like Colorado so far! After multiple warnings that we’d better get a move on if we want to get through the high passes before the snow, we had developed images of ourselves pushing our bikes through waist-deep drifts…. Instead we seem to be experiencing what I presume is meant by the term “Indian Summer” – the days are hot and we are searching for swimming holes!

grinning because he can't feel his lower legs any more while fording a river (photo S.Hedges)

That said, nights are cold, there is frost most mornings, and river fording is pretty damn freezing on the toes! And yes, we know, there is still plenty of time for that snow to catch us…. but we can enjoy the moments while they last.

A gratuitous Aspen shot - there are quite a lot of them round here :-)

One of the advantages of travelling through at this time of year is of course the autumn colours. Although the leaves don’t seem to have fully turned as yet, we have cycled through many picturesque areas with yellow aspen – but won’t bore you with too many similar photos.

The Colorado river doing its thing - full of people on rafts enjoying the indian summer weather

We have many high passes still to come – up to around 12,000 ft (?what’s that in real terms?? pretty high anyway) – but of course the main reward of long climbs on a bike is that you also get some lovely long descents to enjoy!

(Blog text. S.Hedges)


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