USA: Silverthorne to Del Norte

Starting in a flurry of ski-towns (Silverthorne, Frisco and Breckenridge) and their affluence, then through towns with greater pasts than presents (Como etc), this section has continued the stunning Colorado weather.

After hitting the shops in Breckenridge (new headtorch for Sarah and lots of Salad for both of us) we climbed up over the Boreas Pass towards Como. We’re very much in favour of narrow-guage railways and stage-coach routes. It means the climbs are steady and not too steep. The Marshall Pass after Salida was similar, and the Carnero and Cochotopa passes the same.

I had failed to strap the solar charger down properly in Wyoming, and we were expecting a new one general delivery in Como. The shop had got spooked by a non-US phone number and not sent it! After a bit of re-direction aided by the wonderfully english owner of the hotel in Como it was sent to Sargents.

Looking back at my diary, we’ve wild-camped our way across Colorado in the vast majority. Often the camp-sites are open with stunning views and sunsets to rival the best. The place is fantastic for just stopping when you’re feeling “camp o’clock”.

Our standard bedtime view :-)
Droving cattle, Colorado style.

We’ve been contemplating an article on the ravages of cycle touring – more with pictures to come later. We’re on a rest-day in Del Norte, staying at a “cyclist-only accommodation” marked on our map. As usual it’s going to be one of our favourites (the last was in Montana with Tom Arnone). We’re going to sleep in a bed tonight, for the first time in 8 weeks and 3500km. It’s actually a bit scary, but I’m sure we’ll cope :-)

We’re also in the full planning stages of the next part of our trip. It looks as if we’ll get to Silver City then head west on the Southern Tier route towards San Diego. Then we’ll head across the border into Baja California short of Tijuana. So maps are being bought and distances worked out – no doubt it’ll all change in time.

There are very few intact road signs in this part of the world - target practice for hunting season we assume...

The rest “day” has just been extended to add a rock climbing day at some of the local crags. Life is an amazing thing.

Some of the local Del Norte rock. We'll be on some lower level stuff!

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