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For reasons diverse, I’ve ’29er’d’ the front of my fat-bike.  This morning was spent building the wheel, and this afternoon testing it.

It works quite nicely for the more rocky bits – especially with drop-offs aplenty (something that the unsophisticated ‘squish’ that a fat front tyre doesn’t do beyond a certain speed).  As a set-up it does ‘plough’ into soft-deep pea gravel unless you’re careful, the difference from a standard ‘thin-thin’ mountain bike being that the fat-rear allows you to rescue yourself.  And once jumps get beyond a certain height, the lack of the ‘proper’ rear-squish provided by a dual-suss bike is noticeable.

Summary – A good compromise that warrants lots more attention…

The guts of a new wheel…

In context, and still clean and shiny

After a bit of a ‘dusting’

For the technically minded (geeks unite!):

Fork – 2012 RockShox Reba DualAir RLT 29 100mm.  (and yes, I will cut the steerer – eventually)

Wheel – Hope Pro2 Evo QR 32H hub with Velocity P35 700c rim, DT Comp spokes and brass nipples.  Maxxis Ardent 29×2.4″ tyre (tubed at the moment, though I may try tubeless at some point).  160mm disc rotor, though once I get my hands on the correct adaptor, it will be 183mm as on the fat-front wheel.

How long I’ll hang onto both the fork and the wheel once Sarah gets her ‘one-frame-to-rule-them-all’ will be interesting to watch ;-)