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I’m awake at 5am – light creeping in, and more audibly, a hungry cat.  After blearily tipping some food into the bowl staying up leads to caffeination and loading the car with a bike or two.  Then – well, I might as well head out.

A mellow morning – nothing too challenging, but wending my way through dappled clearings and following the arrows (mostly)


At a random trail junction there’s even a map! A first for Langford Park – a place that a while ago required a good sense of direction and some snacks just in case ’20 minutes’ stretched inexplicably.

The increasingly loose pea gravel, deepening with summer’s approach suits fat tyres. The few others I meet instantly see the advantage


And a few on-lookers

The colourful draws attention a bit further off-trail

No need to adjust to emphasise the vivid here

Up close, the sap is all sparkly-glinting

Back at the car-park, the sunday-hoards are gathering.  The tyres (not surprisingly) gather an audience.  These, like most other curious trail-fellows, appreciate that they’re not the first to ask but can’t resist.  That awareness (surprisingly) helps, and reckoning begins.  Before the end, I’m invited to join their next night ride.  Their motivation, they confess, is to see the bike in action.