Weekday Kalamunda solitude

While Sarah is sampling the delights of an increasingly autumnal Scotland, I’m keeping the cat company and making the most of some spring weekday morning solitude to play.

Mellow enough that thoughts can wander, but demanding of sufficient attention that they don’t go too far, the Kalamunda Circuit is intensely popular at weekends. Today I met one person, and only then because I’d paused to sit a while with the breeze swishing the trees.

Having spent a couple of hours over the weekend re-juvenating Sarah’s hastily pre-trip discarded back wheel (new drive-side spokes; the old ones chain-mashed with a late-noticed loopy rim), I’m riding un-fat to test it.  The dual-squish allows greater speed and  fewer consequences of a poorly chosen line; not to mention a greater jumping confidence.  Grins and the odd giggle with the last (no audience) are tempered by a few near hits as I forget that narrower tyres don’t suffer fast-cornering fools gladly.

The day is bright, and promises to be cooler than the recent few (overnight rain and a departed front).  I explore a few less-direct options to the routine, and only complete the remainder relatively continuously when my stomach growls for attention.

Red Gum wounded
Grass trees act like car-wash brushes to debride passing arms and torsos of untied down clutter

The remainder a sampling of spring activity and colour.

Maybe somewhere different next week – or maybe just using the peace to ride the other way without risk of salmon-run global frustration?



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