Western Australia

Occasional notes on routes in Western Australia.

Margaret River

Wyadup to Cape Naturaliste – mostly via Cape to Cape Track.  Best suited to fat-tyres, though beach sections could be pushed on a mountain bike.  More detail here

Jarrahdale-Wongong Hut return

A kid-friendly out-and-back from Jarrahdale to the Wongong Munda Biddi hut via the Balmoral POW camp remains.  25km each way with a good meeting spot at the Jarrahdale General Store and road intersection for rescues at Balmoral and about 5km short of the hut.  It’s possible to drive to within 200m of the hut if need be. Post here.

Sullivan Rock to Brookton Highway loop

Bibbulmun track/Munda Biddi walk/bike loop with paved road sections to connect top and bottom ends.  3 days (including shuffles, and at baby pace).  25+km on Bibb. track with 2 huts (Monandock and Canning) along the way.  Easy ground apart from a bit of climbing initially.  13km from intersection with Brookton Highway to southbound Munda Biddi (10km to Kinsella road if going back that way). 17km along Munda Biddi (mostly straight forward with some steeper technical downhill down to the Canning River crossing) before option to finish on Kinsella Road (total 22km MB and Kinsella road to Albany highway).  Final 11.5km on Albany highway (undulating) back to Sullivan Rock.  Both highway sections have gravel verge that can be ridden if need be. Post here.

Canning Stock Route

26 days from Wiluna to Billiluna by fat-bike.  Scott Felter and I, unsupported.

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The ride also featured in the adventure bicycle touring magazine, Bunyan Velo

Munda Biddi (Booner Mundak section) Loop

Munda Biddi (Map 8 – Walpole to Denmark) including Booner Mundak Hut (rainwater tank etc) with return leg along Gum Link Road (stream crossing and some areas that would be wet in winter).  Link to gpx file, elevation profiles etc here. Blog post.

Munda Biddi Double Out-and-back (Fernhook Falls)

Park at Fernhook Falls (off Southwest Highway c.40km north of Walpole towards Mt Frankland).  20km west/north bound back to the Yirra Karrta Hut (2-2.5 hours with Chariot/Bryn).  50km east/south bound (back past Fernhook, with swimming opportunity) to Kwokralup Beela hut, then back to Fernhook the following day (3-3.5 hours riding, allowing for play-breaks). Blog post.

Blackwood River (canoe/kayak) – Sues’s Road bridge to Alexander Bridge campsite

2 road crossings (one weir, and one bridge) allow access along the way for shorter forays.  The upper section down to the weir involves a bit of pushing/dragging a loaded canoe down the easy rapids, with the lower sections deeper and more continuous.  After rain/in winter the upper section would be grade 2 and possibly 3 in flood with a couple of sections requiring inspection.  In mid-summer (late December 2013), there was nothing taxing – with only basic river skills needed.  All water for trip carried.  Blog post.

Munda Biddi: Donnybrook to Manjimup

Munda Biddi (map 4/5).  Route chosen because start and finish are on the SW Highway (Bunbury to Walpole) which allows use of hitching to close the loop, assuming a car is left at Donnybrook.  c.150km with 44km from Donnybrook to the Nala Mia hut, c.50km to Willow Springs campsite (no water) via Nannup, 37km to the Karta Burnu hut (via Glenoran pool – great swimming) and a final 23km into Manjimup.  Terrain is all do-able with a trailer (Chariot CX1) with a steep section up to the Karta Burnu hut.  Blog post.

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