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Amazingly, the difficulties with the Canning Stock Route in the last few weeks have been to do with too much water, rather than too little.

Two Poles – Aga and Mateusz Walligóra, who set off to ride North-to-South (as have the 3 previously successful unsupported riders) a few weeks ago, ran into un-pushable mud at well 46 (there were 51 functional wells originally, and the landmarks now are often described by well number – Well 51 is the most northern). This delayed them to such an extent that they turned back as their food wouldn’t have lasted them the full distance.

Scott and I have been giving this potentially repeatable scenario much thought, and have concluded that riding South-to-North gives us the best chance of making the whole distance, but also gives us an escape option without having to backtrack fully. The community at well 33 has access from the west/coast/highway. Jan and Jeremy of Global Gypsies have been invaluable with their advice about track conditions in different weathers.

Scott arrives in Perth in just under two days, and my Telethon Adventurers page shows an amazing total of $5200 already donated to Childhood Brain Tumour Research. We’ve got a few days to top up our food supplies and make sure the bikes work properly before we head up to Wiluna to start riding.

Scott's bike fully loaded - the amazing thing is that he's got all this in a standard Qantas bike box! (Photo: Scott Felter

Scott’s bike fully loaded – the amazing thing is that he’s got all this in a standard Qantas bike box!