Life is filled with bicycles and things related.  Travel by bicycle has been all encompassing, and sometimes a dream of the future.  Transport by bicycle is always the default.  This, a place to relate mostly pedalled adventures – current, planned and imagined or mundane.

While this space started as mine to fill alone; Sarah has been adding her touch too.  Without the intent to confuse, the posts she writes are prefaced with her name.

Please feel free to comment or reply should you be so inspired, and if you like a photo or phrase enough to want to use it, please ask :-)

For more exploration of my photography, look here.



  1. Hi Tom, I’m a friend of Joe Cruz, and wanted to use the photo you took of him riding his pug in South America for a blog post I’m writing on fatbike review. Can I please use it with credits to you? Thanks, Ken

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