2 thoughts on “Route Notes”

  1. Hey Tom and Sarah,
    I have been enjoying your blog on here and also on “crazy guy” and am setting off to do an Alaska to Argentina cycle trip this year and your route details and gear tips have been brilliant. I wanted to thank you for the time you have put in to make them available to everyone.
    I am in Kalgoorlie at the moment, in WA, and am itching to leave to the frozen north in June, but off to the UK in April. I think I read somewhere that you hail from WA, if you are keen for a beer sometime it would be good to compare notes. Eg, would you fit huge tyres for the trip and forgo suspension?
    Hope you are both well and planning more trips for the future.

    • Matt – we do indeed hail from WA – Fremantle to be exact. We’re warm showers hosts if you’re passing by by bicycle and we’d be very happy to chat through our thoughts on kit in retrospect – tyre size and suspension depend on what type of trip you’ve got planned. Let us know your movements?

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