Trails, fire-roads and a touch of bushbashing

After a stunningly busy work week, I’d intended to ‘rest my legs’ a bit – I failed.

An early start on Saturday to avoid the rush. Ben and I are just happy to be out
The leftovers of a night’s hunting catch the rising dazzle

Not much stopping on that ride, though some chatting does offer a few lulls.

Home is aflush with colour

The next day starts later, with a different combination and the intention of something else.  The destination is somewhere in Phil’s head – getting it out and expressed passes through cycles of speculation and a little prodding here and there.  We’re never sure whether what we ride is anywhere near what he had in mind – it doesn’t suffer from this though.

The likely looking whim-fulfilling fire-road dives steeply and loosely. Phil and Steph are prudent and opt for a measured descent.
It’s rained a bit recently – the final fling of winter-spring; and advantage is being taken for flowers and green growth before months of summer-dryness

A log – no problem!
Fire-roads; mainly intended as access in times of need, don’t contour. This – an unusually flat bit
and one of the downs
Then the road runs out

A small pause for thought
before heading onwards again
“It’s this way – really!”
Phil – safely ensconced in the cafe we could hear, almost see, and would eventually backtrack to, via a bit of hasty fence-hopping.
All watched by ever-hopeful juvenile Magpies – and not to be satisfied this time

A more main-road route to close the loop was alarmingly quick and disappointingly lacking in navigational uncertainty :-)

The afternoon was finished with a desperately overdue introduction to the deep-water soloing cliff-ette only 15 minutes pedal from home.  The one we’d not got to before, but  will now certainly more than make use of – it’s a perfect morning and evening chance to puzzle our way along juggy limestone – with a bit of falling in if it’s all getting a bit too hard (or hot).


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