Munda Biddi: a weekend of contrasts

Some impressions from an overnighter on the Munda Biddi trail, with a glorious Saturday then a soggy cloud-soaked Sunday.  All cunningly finished by lunch at the Jarrahdale General Store with Sarah’s parents and car-shuffle accomplices.

All is yellow – flowers of all sorts in profusion. A wider stretch
Carrying capacity up front – Porcelain Rocket style, with a little lighting help from AyUp. The latter not needed, as despite a breakfast out, we make it to the Dandelup hut before dark.

A well lit trail-sign. We managed to go astray (just a little) trying to follow the map rather than the up to date arrows by-passing the boggy patch we ended up zen-navigating through…
The evening light on some softer stuff. The big fat tyres just roll in whatever direction you point them. Great for some mushy sections that a couple of motorbikes tore up earlier in the day.
Nearing the Dandelup Munda Biddi hut, we head past Whittakers Mill – the trail’s pretty much submerged in fallen Wattle trees – yellow everywhere. Here with a bit of classic red dirt to contrast
Wattle – yellow on green







    • Nicholas – I’m glad you do :-) I do too, though I’ve now got to justify having it! Not too difficult – longer trips hopefully coming, and even on this little overnighter it proved its superiority on my local trail conditions (deep, soft pea gravel).

      I’m enjoying your Divide posts a lot – keep them coming


  1. Props to you if the “Zen-navigating” was a reference to Dirk Gentley. Your navigating troubles in one of your Pan-Am posts made me think that you should have tried it.

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