We’ve just had this ‘app’ pointed out to us by our friend Joe Cruz. After a continent spent asking men with donkeys at track junctions the way, any way of accessing decent local maps is always a good thing!

Joe Cruz

Another iPhone App that I am finding indispensable in bike explorations is Maplets. Maplets is an archive of simple specialized maps that typically cover a very small region. Think tourist brochures, university campus maps, chamber of commerce town maps, official National Park or National Monument maps, public transportation maps, or trail maps that have been printed by the local riding club. In addition to being able to search, the app is location aware so that it lists available maps for nearby areas. The developers claim that they will make every effort to scan maps that are requested by users, but I have never taken them up on this. Once the app is purchased for $2.99, downloading maps — which usually takes about a minute over a 3G network — is free.

All of this would be great and fine, but what makes Maplets incredibly useful is that the GPS…

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  1. Thanks for this find! Looks like a great little app. I played with it last night and it has a few Perth metro maps by the looks. Not much but for outside of the metro area from what I could see. Hopefully that will grow in the future.

    Just need to see it on the Android platform soon :)

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