A maiden ride

I’m afraid there’s not much to show – I was too busy riding the bike to stop and take photos.  There was also a lot of grinning going on.  We spent 4 hours on the trails around  Kalamunda, up in the hills near home.  There was the usual getting lost phase, following a likely looking line off the wider main track.  The bike’s a good’un.

The red dirt against a mostly black bike. The water bottle really does say ‘do not drink’…
The big tyres suit the trails well – and there’s enough squish so that I’m not slowed down at all, compared to riding a dual suspension bike. In fact, I prefer the feel the new bike gives me.

The trails have some smooth, fast sections – with lots of fun jumping the bike.  There’re also plenty of rock gardens – and the wheels I built seem to be holding up nicely :-)



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