With summer comes wind….

A weekend in work-recovery mode.

Two photos to show the changing season:



    • Cass

      The 35-100 has turned up (the kite surfing photos are some of the first I took). 1st impressions are good – fast AF, handles well, and a bit weighty (though, that’s the price for good glass) – I’ve not systematically looked for the finer issues yet. I think my plan to have it and the 12mm Oly prime as my core lenses will work nicely.

      In terms of the Olympus OMD EM5 overall. I would buy it again (though possibly in black, for lowest visual impact).

      Pluses – fast AF, weatherproofing, internal IS, customisation potential, and ‘look’, plus high quality output.

      Niggles – lack of ISO 100, battery life and less than ergonomic placement of on/off switch (I’d prefer it with the shutter, like my D80). With the battery life, I’ve sorted out a solar charging set-up, and the latter I’ll no doubt get used to.

  1. That’s what I figured when I saw the shots (-;

    Considering its fast 2.8 speed (I guess that’s about 4 in full-frame terms?) and its quality, I think the lens is pretty darn compact!

    The one gripe I have with mirrorless cameras is the maximum shutter speed of 1/4000, rather than 1/8000 on a DLSR. In the past, I’ve found that bright sunlight has knocked out some of the aperture range, unless you take the trouble of carrying a neutral density filter – which I believe all the video guys do. Have you found that an issue in Oz? I guess that would be accentuated by the 200 ISO limit.

    The GH3 looks to be a similar quality, though it’s a bigger beast. I like to reassign the focus button, and just use the shutter button for the actual shutter release. That way I can pick a focus point and keep snapping away, even if I reframe a bit. I’m not sure how easy that would be to do on the EM5.

    Just back from an evening spin on the Krampus. I can see myself getting attached…

    • I’ve not tried a neutral density filter – the exposure compensation is wonderfully easy to adjust (one of the top-of-body dials), so I’ve fudged things using that. That’s what I did down the americas on the D80, but adjusting it was a multi-button thing. I run a circular polarising filter on all my lenses.

      The lens is pretty impressive for both size and weight considering it’s performance.

      When I get my hands on it again (I leant it to Sarah for her walk this week), I’ll look into your focus/shutter separation trick. The OMD does do face recognition really well (and fast).

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