Costa Rica: Laguna Arenal to Alajuela

After a late start we only get as far as this cow shed before the heavens open and after moving our stuff into an ever decreasing patch of dry floor we eventually put the tent up on the same spot as the rain shows no signs of abating.
Volcan Arenal fulfils all criteria for 'classic volcano shape' status, but is only intermittently visible to us as we work our way along the southern shore of Laguna Arenal. Dawn after a night of rain gives us a grandstand view
While the northern shore of the lake has a busy paved road full of tourists and traffic, the one we pick is much better. It is mildly undulating and non-thought provoking as far as Viejo Arenal, then things liven up quite a bit. Sarah enjoying the easy bit...
Go the legs! The only traffic we meet after Viejo Arenal are a couple of horses. The road has lots of melon shaped smooth rocks requiring considerable concentration. The ups are sometimes push-worthy, and the downs skittery, slidey affairs with lots of potential for tumbles. Somewhere along the way my bike jettisons the bicycle pump...
The calm before another 'interesting' descent, complete with background volcano. All we did was pick the smallest road, and we get this. Life is so hard sometimes!
About mid-morning we discover why there isn't any traffic on the road/track we've been enjoying mightily.. Me deciding that this particular bit of the Caño Negra isn't a particularly good bike-fording spot. Getting across without a bike is beginning to feel pretty dicey too... (photo S.Hedges)
So better to find another point of attack - why is there always an audience for these things? (Photo S.Hedges)
Take two - steady as she goes with the bike, having already done a crossing with the bags and given the camera to a very smug Sarah who had picked the right line to start with (photo S.Hedges)
Calm waters and the onward road is beckoning (Photo S.Hedges)

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