Spring time flowers: Julimar State Forest

This was the invitation, titled “Chasing Rainbows”:

“Just so there is no mythunderstanding, we won’t be looking for a pot of gold, but something far more magical. That place where the rainbow kisses the earth and imbues her with all its colours”

Ron lives an hour or so north of Perth on the road between Bindoon and Toodyay with a block of land, a veranda (with attached house) and a proper shed.  We’re quite jealous.  Sarah’s mostly into the quiet, lack of traffic noise and all that bush.  I’m also very attracted by this, but that shed and it’s collection of ‘projects’ draw me too.

Next door to Ron’s block is the Julimar State Forest.  It’s spring in Western Australia.  This means flowers.  Everywhere.  In a place where high fire-risk and watching every drop of water is so embedded in our instincts this dazzle of delicate life demands that we chase those rainbows.

He's pulled in quite a group.
He’s pulled in quite a group.
Bryn’s putting his time off the bike to good use when we stop for lunch
While some are busy seeing what’s in a stream that’s actually got water in it, others are less fussed about activity
The end of the rainbow turned out to be everywhere, and unavoidable.
Phil carves his way
While I’m still and taking photos, my wheels seem to be absorbed into the amazing carpet we’re disturbing.

Quite special :-)

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