Fettling: the birth of a new bicycle – Part 1

A day that began with rain – much needed, prompted a desk-clearing procrastination effort. All in aid of productive waiting. For the tracked-arrival of a large parcel

Here are a few pictures of what followed.



  1. Lots of excitement hereabouts for your new ride, Tom! (Though I was counting on carrying a lot of my future gear on your longbike piloted by you. Blast, might have to rethink that.)

  2. Tom, Looks great so far. What a beautiful frame. I’ve just spent my first hundred miles from Bozeman on the Larrys on pavement, but I’m turning off onto the Divide again tonight. Sweet, sweet suspension!

    • Frame offset? Normal Pugsley offset? With a Rohloff, it seems you wouldn’t need quite as much chain/tire clearance, unless the frame might someday run with derailleurs.

      • It’s got the normal pugsley offset – mainly in case I want derraileurs later. In minor hindsight I might have pushed for a symmetrical 135mm rear to run a rolhoff with fat tyres as long as you don’t want to go above huskers on marges and maybe a more conventional 29er set up if you wished. Maybe with enough space for 29×3″ too… That’s what we’ll be aiming for on my wife’s bike as she wants to be able to do 29er expedition touring in the future with the same frame.

      • The Rohloff chainline seems to be 50-something (54, 58mm?), and an Innova fat tire on a 65mm rim measures about the same as the ISO 94mm description, so it seems a non offset fat-Rohloff would work. It’s nice to have the versatility of the Pugs offset though, even though it’s a bit of a mindfuck to most. It’s not really that weird once you get past the fact that the frame looks bent.

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