A different viewpoint – tales of us told by others

After a very long computer-less period our friend Anna Kortschak has managed to get some retro-blogging done.  Her blog had inspired quite a number of our route choices through México, and this is not mentioning the quality of her writing and photography.  After a few near misses, our paths eventually crossed in Liberia, Costa Rica.

Here are some links to how she saw things:

We also found that other people we’d only met for a few minutes wrote about us.

This meeting was in Argentina, on a dirt stretch of Ruta 40 grudgingly heading up a pretty washboarded hill after lunch sitting by a river somewhere.  I crested a hill to find the customised Toyota Landcruiser that had passed me a while beforehand waiting.  Cold water and a top-up of our supplies was wonderful and made our afternoon


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