Margaret River Climbing: a return

Admittedly not a biking weekend, but still a first attempt at rock climbing since trip-end possibly merits mention?  It has taken us this long to get away with good weather beckoning.  Not really expecting much of ourselves, which turns out to be just as well – we already know that prolonged bicycling is bad for our walking stamina and was never going to do much for our crimp-strength…

Willyabrup, a few hours south of Perth on the edge of the Margaret River wine region hosts our weekend communion with the rock
Sea-cliff time. Glorious weather too. Uni-groups on Saturday melt by mid-afternoon
Leaving sun-soaked glowing cliffs to us alone
All the while, the surflines build and swoop behind us
An unknown climber takes the more direct route down the cliff, rather than walking the longer way round
Evening light back-lights while climbing efforts dwindle

Sunday’s efforts aren’t up to much, with weak fingers and forearms prominent amongst the scape-goats.  It does, however, stoke our resolve.  There are biking-climbing adventures to be had…



    • Manu
      The climbing is good – hopefully with a bit of practice we’ll be up for more of it ;-). There were several pods of dolphins that I didn’t manage to catch with the camera – it’s a pretty special place.

      By your photos you look as if you’re having a pretty good time with things too – jealous actually. Still strange not to be on the road.

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