A hint: AMPeirce in the making

My hope – a final step, and lessons learnt from the amazing Twenty2 Cycles fat-bike that did such service on the Canning Stock Route.

AMPeirce Cycles 29/29+/4″

More to come when it arrives on these shores…


    • Have a look at Andy’s version for an idea how it’ll build up. For me it’s the result of all the things I’ve learnt about bike fit, and the opportunity to have a symmetrical rear to take all the wheel options I want. I’ve learnt that I have not need for ‘ultra-fat’, so this will work nicely :-)

    • It’s a very beautiful thing – and should not only solve my niggling fit issues, but be the last new bike I buy for a long time… It’ll be coming looking for multi day Scottish exercise in August, so I’ll be looking interesting stuff soon (lots of unfinished business from when we lived in Edinburgh, but you can never have too many options!)

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