Urban cycling: Bike Blackspot App

A foray into Fremantle town hall in search of the (closed) Justice of the Peace office lead me past a crowded noticeboard.  Somehow my eye was caught by piece of paper advertising a system for reporting cycling-related accident blackspots.

Bike Blackspot appThe Blackspot App allows iPhone users to report particularly poor examples of urban planning – with GPS coordinates, a description of the problem and even a photo should they have taken one.

Reports contribute to a webpage run by Australian Green Party Senator Scott Ludlam, both as information to warn others and as ammunition to safety campaigns amongst other things.

Blackspot map1

Blackspot mapPerth


and an example of a reported problem:

Blackspot map exampleI’d be interested to hear whether any changes have been made as a result of this system or others in the same vein elsewhere.






  1. I prefer Snap Send Solve which actually sends your complaint to the relevant Roading authority (which it determines by your location) whereas I seem to recall that this one only sends it to certain politicians so is more a lobbying tool. I’ve reported two issues (downed tree over track and an unsafe pothole) using Snap-Send-Solve and both were fixed pretty quickly. I probably can’t lay claim to the tree, but the pothole had been there for months and was fixed three days after I reported a near crash on it.

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