Inspiration: photography from the space between places

The airline choose-your-own pacification screens can produce something that lodges deeper than you think.

In 2010, shortly before we left Australia for Canada, I watched a documentary called ‘Salt’ about a photographer (Murray Fredericks) who spent weeks at a time camped out in the middle of Lake Eyre (Outback South Australia).

A little later, I saw the Hugo Weaving film ‘Last Ride’ about a man and his son on the run  through increasingly remote and stark landscapes; including a scene where the boy is left to make his own way across a salt lake.

Recently I re-found ‘Salt’ after glancing through a staff-room copy of an old National Geographic magazine.  Further inspiration – if I needed it…

Camp – Lake Eyre style. A multi-week base for photographic imagination and exploration
An environment devoid of structures – pared down to a horizon alone

Murray says he was inspired to embark on this photographic series by a trip to the Salar de Uyuni that we crossed in Bolivia.  ‘Salt’ was one of the factors that made me so excited to be in the possibly lesser remoteness of Central and Southwestern Bolivia.


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