A journey derailed

We’re not really doing all that well at working out what happens next – give up, try to source a new bike or do something else entirely

This evening, Sarah’s bike was stolen.  From outside a shop in Mendoza, Argentina.  We’ve been through the whole police process (mostly negative – formally described the bike, but effectively told not to expect its return).  We’ve lost a good friend.  She needed a little attention now and then, but mostly she just got on with it without complaint.  She’s much mourned.  Thankfully we still have Sarah’s pannier bags, bar bag and Porcelain Rocket seat pack.  Not the frame bag though – it was only just over a month old.  How will we tell Scott :-(

There will be more once we’re able to think that straight.

Happier times - gone now


  1. Hey Tom, this is not like you to think like that. You guys have come through so much. Surely you can’t be thinking of giving up now? Yes, the bike was a good and faithful one. It’s done you proud. Can’t you buy another one? Am I being too simplistic? Keep hope. God WILL provide. Take a few days to get over the shock and have a few nice days together. Then finish what you have started. Somehow. Sending support and love xxxxx

  2. I’m really sorry to hear this. Maybe in a few days memories will return of all the human kindness you have encountered on your epic journey.

  3. Get back on the horse, albeit a different one. You are both fighters. Don’t be so defeatist. Much love to you both xxxxx

  4. go for it guys, you can do it, another bike, put the gear on and off you go, its not all about the gear (part of the fun though!), you must be both guttered

  5. Thank you all for your thoughts. We are considering options which broadly include buy a new bike or go hiking instead. Issues include our limited time frame, and whether to make do with local bike or wait to have something more definitive sent. I think the phrase “give up” was slightly unfortunate as if we do decide to go hiking instead, that’s just taking the opportunity to choose a different adventure. I don’t see this as defeatist. I also don’t think the concept of “finish” really applies to a journey of this length, which has never been about a particular destination. Sarah

  6. Hi Tom and Sarah,
    From summer in tassie, sorry to hear about your bike Sarah, she has been your home for so many month, I am sure you wont give up, just hard to imagine how you can purchase another one. Thinking of you both.
    Pam and Pete.

  7. Take a deep breath, give yourselves a couple days to cry, then get back on your feet. If you’ve managed to make it this far, you’ll figure this out too. It’ll happen.

    One of our bikes was stolen in El Bolson (we were fortunate to get it back – whew!). That night was a real low. A real, real low and we faced exactly what you are facing now. But even then, I knew we would figure something out.

    I think this sucks. It sucks big time, but you’ll overcome it. You’re strong.

    • Thank you so much, amazing that you got your bike back and nice to know you understand exactly how we feel! The support of friends and the entire cycling community is very much appreciated. Yes we will figure something out, probably a new bike though that is difficult to contemplate while mourning the passing of my faithful steed of over 24,000km! Sarah

      • I’m sure. It’s amazing the relationship one develops with her bike after so long. Still, it’s only a thing. Be grateful they only took a thing and didn’t harm you in the process.

        Take some time to figure out options. Time is on your side so take advantage of that and don’t rush into a bad decision.

  8. Bummer! I’m planning a trip from Chile to California, came across your blog, looked at epic pictures, read epic posts, was totally pumped until this last entry! I hope everything works out, it sucks when these things happen on the road.

    ~Nate from California, stranded in Australia

    • Nate – We think things are heading towards a resolution. We’ve been stunned at the warmth and support we’ve had. We hope you find some inspiration and useful information in the blog. If you want any more specifics about any part just ask.

      Where in Australia are you stranded?

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