Wyadup to Cape Naturaliste: the return leg of a ‘Sarah-shuffle’

Sarah’s back in town, and there are lots of tales to tell.  Her return coincides with a visit from Bridgette Watts – an arch-accomplice in all things adventurous, so within a week, they’re off again :-)  I am offered a key rôle – transport coordinator – with the carrot that Sarah’s thought up a nice bike ride for me to go with it!  The plan – they’ll walk the Cape to Cape Track – north to south, and I’ll drop them off at the beginning and pick them up at the end.  The ‘Sarah-shuffle’ is that I will walk the first day, then load up the cunningly stashed bike and retrace my steps by pedal-power.

“You’ll get to ride on the beach!” – the first stretch on Smith’s Beach is nicely packed, and hardly needs the fat tyres I have
‘Float’ is the term coined for riding on top of the soft-surface, rather than wallowing.  Riding’s definitely faster than walking here.
My tyres are at 4 psi – let down, as you would a 4WD tyre.

The trail mixes cliff-top 4WD tracks (mainly used to access surf-spots and fishing haunts), beach and some very sharply rocky single-track.  My progress along the beaches – on a Sunday morning – is not unnoticed, but away from them I meet very few others and life is very fine indeed.  She does have an excellent eye for a good route, she does :-)

Cliff-top, with azure surf peeling to the left and plenty under-wheel to keep my attention focussed.  Some of the rockier stretches are so sharp that I baulk at ripping the side-wall of my tyres.  Walking a step or three allows some view-soaking.
The road-based dogleg at the bottom avoids an unrideable segment, and isn’t all bad as there are some fire-trails parallel to the pavement heading towards Caves Road from Wyadup. (More route info, incl GPS data here)

On Sarah’s return, slightly hastened by acts of nature/god, there are some more photos taken on the Olympus OMD-EM5 to show, after the iPhone photos above.  I will leave her to tell her tale, so these are the ones that are mine to show.



One for Vik :-)
Yallingup: One for Vik :-)


Campsite view
Campsite view


  1. Any fat bike ride with kitesurfing in the mix is pretty rad! We are going to have a couple light to no-wind days here in Baja so I’ll try and get some fat tire porn shot! ;)

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