Munda Biddi: an overnight from Jarrahdale

After mercifully few days under a regular roof, we were back out in the bush again.  Sarah’s cumpleaños seemed a good prompt to head to the hills, so we dragged her sister and others along with remarkably little kicking and screaming.

Before venturing forth a little reconstruction is needed. Sarah's bouncy bike had donated a number of parts to her, in the end, ill-fated touring bike. The joy of a nice clean bike hoisted to a comfortable working height and plenty of available parts should not be scoffed at!

The Munda Biddi trail is a mountain biking trail that runs from Mundaring in the Perth Hills down towards Albany.  Before we headed out for the Americas we’d spent a few weekends doing sections of it in a half-hearted version of preparation.  We’ll be returning to some on these, and hopefully filling in some gaps as well as maybe an end-to-end over the next few months or so.

Winding its way south via a mixture of technical singletrack and less demanding rail-routes along with quiet dirt road; the Munda Biddi trail is a great way to get out of town for a day, weekend or longer. Just follow the blue sign posts and yellow tree tags...
The trail has a string of huts civilised distances apart. As well as picnic benches and sleeping platforms they even have bicycle repair stands. This all meant that Sarah managed to get all she needed into her seat pack.
There's lots of pea gravel meaning that big tyres are the way forward, helping to minimise pushing episodes and face-plant potential
As the shadows lengthen Ben and Rachel pause to mend a flat. The bush surrounds us with bird calls and peace. A little further along we spot 'roos for the first time since getting back to Australia
During a pleasantly lazy start the next morning I manage to get on with some of my own repairs. Swapping out the jockey wheels from my rear derailleur - totally and utterly worn out after the Americas trip
Back the way we came - this time - following the line of an old railway through the forest, passing a WWII internment camp, returning to our cars at Jarrahdale.
All the way back we're trying to keep up with Leio, who's got a yearning for lunch. Despite a bike that doesn't really fit, he's having a great time. Even after losing some skin in a nasty encounter with some deep pea gravel.

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