Fettling: Inadvertent colour coordination – Sarah’s Duster and much redness…

At earlier points in this trip, Sarah was heard to make discontented noises while poking around in the dry-bag containing her (somewhat limited) clothes.  “They’re all black – how can I find anything without having to pull them all out?!”

This resulted in a deliberately colourful clothing purchasing policy – from T-shirts to underwear (no specifics will be revealed in this post for fear of reprisals).

Lately Red has become the new Black…..

The full red-blackness of Sarah in full rain gear
even the stem-mounted water bottle is red!

Actually that’s also a bit of an exaggeration – it’s just that Red features strongly along with white and black – very chique, verging on maybe even bling-ish recently….

The better-weather outfit also features significant red... I do have to admit that the bar-bag colour is my fault... Also featured are new seat-pack and frame-bag from Scott and Porcelain Rocket

Our recent visit/sidetrip to Salta to fix the grinding in Sarah’s bottom bracket caused by the concentrated salt solution of the Salar de Uyuni forced some additional red….

Even the bearings for her pedalling are red! Not our fault - it's just what the shop had. It seems the commercial world is conspiring to coordinate her!

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