Flinders Island: the next step and a spot of weather

We’ve progressed through many combinations of 3 over the last five or so years.  From initial (very gentle) forays using an infant sling in our (Thule) Chariot, through various combinations of seats (front and rear) and trailers, and now onto child-powered travel*

*with a secret weapon

Our aim, after a couple of seminal trips where we pushed things too far, has been to bike-travel with options and sufficiently within parental limits such that we have capacity to spare for Bryn.

When we did the (wonderful) Colorado Trail trip, we realised that it would very likely be his last trailer-based bike-journey.  We have a number of ideas for how to get out there in the future – a tandem has been strongly recommended friends.  For this trip we wanted to see how Bryn got along on his own bike (with gears), especially after one of our Newcastle-based visitors recently mentioned using a TowWhee for his kids at this stage (thank you Jon).

Flinders Island is part of the chain of islands between the northeast of Tasmania and mainland Australia.  We’d mainly heard about it as a rock-climbing destination, but had also wondered about getting around by bicycle.

Some images…

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